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Circling the square

I have some more Paint.NET shapes added to collection. Superellipses to be precise. Check the project page.

Superellipse or Lamé curve is the shape produced by generalized equation of ellipse, where we change the power factor. It approaches to rectangular shape on large values.

Also check the video below for a little bit of history of this shape in design.

GNURadio on Windows

Recently updated GNURadio for Windows is said to becoming usable. GRC, all the drivers and whatever else bundled with a single installer.

Unfortunately, I’m too busy now to play with it. More electronics-related posts to be published somewhere in June. Stay tuned.

3D Printer building and first prints

Short log of building “Makeblock Constructor I” 3D printer.

Few issues were solved in order to bring it into fully working state.

Released some shapes for Paint.NET and converter

Some glitch-art, for starters. Guess what it was supposed to be:

guess what

Recently I was doing some simple photo-editing and found that it will be much easier if there were some crop masks. 3x3 grid and things like that.

After looking into Paint.NET forum I discovered that Paint.NET has support for custom shapes. This feature meet my needs almost perfectly.

I think I’ve overdid it a bit, and after some research and coding I end up with a bunch of stuff which you can see on a project page.

DIY SMA 50 Ohm feed-through terminator

Step-by-step instruction how to make these, with some experiments after completion:

DIY SMA 50 Ohm feed-through terminators

RedPitaya direct connection

A few things happened recently:

  • RedPitaya released software update, started to promote themselves a bit more actively and started to charge money for software;

  • SDR transceiver community app was released by Pavel Demin;

  • I’ve unshelved my RedPitaya, since I’ve started this blog and got some use for it;

  • EEVBlog received and reviewed the thing.

First thing I would like to share is the way I’ve tried (and succeeded eventually) to connect RedPitaya to PC - direct cable connection using separate NIC.


RedPitaya is intended to be accessed through local network from any web-browsing capable device, so this type of connection is left aside from connection guide as something less universal and more difficult for some users, I think.

If you need it, there is this section of RedPitaya wiki. But I’ve got a bunch of issues on my way to make it work, so I decided to write down my instruction.

UPD: Wow! They (re)moved old manual just before I published this post. Manual still can be seen here. We will see what new version will look like.