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Decision between various blog engines

Ok, now this site is officially live. Time to write something. I’ll start from some details about site itself.

Initial idea was (long time ago) to use PmWiki as the site engine. I’ve used it before and I really like it. The main drawback that was bothering me - the complexity of maintaining blog-like site on a wiki engine. It is possible, but there are better ways to do it.

Then I discovered static site generators. There is not much conceptual difference between them and file-based wiki engines like PmWiki - bunch of text files translated into html pages with some rules, but on publishing time, rather than each time on site access. And it’s perfectly fine this kind of site. There even should be a way to use PmWiki as static site generator, if I remember correctly.

Looking for static site frameworks, I quickly discovered that there is a plenty of them. And there is a good choice of programming languages they are implemented in. As it was with PmWiki some time ago, I need to compare them and decide on optimal choice.

Hello world

This is just a placeholder post.

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